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Why Join Fiitizens?

Our app allows you to join fitness classes of all kinds, taught by personal trainers from around the world. These classes are taught through easily digestible bite sized videos which you can watch at home or on the go.

Empower yourself

Learn from the pros what is necessary to achieve your fitness goals. You will find a wide range of classes to join, each teaching you something new. Maybe you want to join a class which shows you just how to get those beach body abs, or maybe you wish to join a yoga beginners class. All and more will be found on Fiitizens.

Make learning fun & Inspiring

Join as little or as many classes as you wish! Engage with the classes community and coach, receiving inspiration, motivation and advice to take with you through your fitness journey. Take part in the challenges your coach has set you and upload it if you wish to share your attempt or progression.

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    Discover fitness classes to help you achieve your goals...

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    upload your own video & share your progression with your peers and coach

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    Engage with like minded around the world, motivating one another...

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    Join new classes created by pros around the world daily...